Server Virtualisation

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Server Virtualisation

Server VirtualisationLooking for new ways to reduce cost, increase the throughput of your network, Virtualisation can do it all by consolidating your server hardware, increasing energy efficiency and run multiple applications on hardware which was earlier dedicated to one application.We use this Server Virtualisation technology for partitioning one physical server into multiple virtual servers, we can even install various operating systems and applications on these servers.

After virtualisation, these virtual servers can be operated on various physical devices. We even help our clients by educating the usage of the virtual server. Our technical team helps you in portioning servers, isolation of servers from each other, encapsulation and hardware independence. Because of this process servers will not be affected by each other and all the information will be saved in file format.

Server VirtualisationWe provide remote and onsite server virtualisation, this feature allows you to manage your organization from any corner of the globe, in future if you want to migrate or expand your business it is simple with this server virtualisation solutions. If you are facing a problem with server admin at the development site, please let us know, we can virtualize your server and bring it to your control at your location.

The major advantage of this server virtualisation is the cost benefit, by using this mechanism we can save cabling, shipping, purchase orders, lab construction cost and other infrastructure costs. Virtualisation is not just for large enterprises any longer. Small to medium businesses are rapidly adopting virtualisation thereby achieving significant benefits and improvements in:

  • Time Spent on Routine IT Administrative Tasks
  • Backup and Data Protection
  • Application Availability
  • Ability to Respond to Changing Business Needs

Our services include the installation and operation of: