New Office setup

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New Office Setup

New Office SetupAre you having great ideas to use? We are here to provide high-end technology and other services for your organization to run your business successfully without any issues.

Moving into a new office can seem like an exciting task but also a nightmare of logistics and added the stress of the uncertain. We believe in our talent of New Office Setup as we have a strong team which puts its mind and soul into making New Office Setup, a cakewalk for you.

Take away your stress by allowing us to help you organize and move into your new office or just move around employees and computers.

We help you in New Office Setup by installing various operating systems like Windows, MAC, Android and Linux. We are professionals in setting up servers and joining them to the domain. We can also help you with setting up VOIP and number of other services in order to run the Office smoothly from a new location.

New Office SetupWe are good at setting up dynamic host configuration protocols, domain name servers, file exchange servers, configuring and establishing printers to network, failover cluster servers to take immediate backup and windows update servers to keep your computers up to date with features.

We have thorough knowledge in supply chain management, we can help you to get all the required stuff for your office within specified time from any corner of the globe in lower price.

We can organize and setup your phones, printers, scanners and fax machines. We can setup finger print scanner or card reader to track the presence of employees in your office.

Our networking team is good at designing network that is suitable to your organization, if you have limited network resources like IP address then we know how to subnet them and allocate to heaps of computers.