Network and Wireless Support

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Network and Wireless Support

Network and Wireless SupportFor every business, it is essential to stay in touch with the market. We are at your disposal. We provide quality Network and Wireless Support Services from setting up your Wi-Fi to securing your online connection and restricting access to certain home and enterprise computers.

We are experts at setting up wired as well as wireless network services. We can set up network services for various operating systems like Windows, MAC, Linux and Android.

If your device needs latest network drivers for the latest update on the operating system, we are here to help you in installing updates as well as the latest network drivers and make your device function properly.

We are experts in every aspect of Network and Wireless Support including troubleshooting network connections, we know how to troubleshoot network on various operating systems like Windows, Linux, MAC and Android.

We are good in setting up network services for both home and enterprise editions, if you have network certificates, we know how to install them on your devices.

Our staff is specialized in installing DSL, ADSL modems, talking points, Bluetooth devices, switches, routers, Google TV and Apple TV for enterprise editions.

Our technical staff is good at handling various wired and wireless protocols like CSMA/CD technology, media access control protocol and DHCP pools.

We are good at providing various security features to enable Network and Wireless Support like anti-virus installations, firewalls setup, access control list setup, network address translation, storage of IP address for later use and reserving IP address for specific devices with MAC address.