Network and Server Monitoring

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Network and Server Monitoring

Network and Server MonitoringYou don’t have to worry about putting the right things in the right place – we have every solution for your business including the network and server monitoring and maintenance. We monitor your network and server health and give you the report you require about your usage, speed, and performance. Whenever there is a need for the new application, be it virtualized or physical, we will do the hassle free installation.

Introtech is good at providing IT support services like network and server monitoring, we monitor various operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux nativity servers.We are skilled at managing any operating system, web server, app server and data base server. We use most scalable tools to monitor and manage servers and network. You don’t need extra manual effort to manage these tools, most of the management and monitoring is done automatically without human interaction and even errors can be rectified automatically.

Server and Network MonitoringWe set up tools that are capable of having a user interface, this helps us and our clients to check network health from remote locations, they can create reports on trends, alerts, availability, and notifications, these tools are even capable of monitoring network failure rate and redundancies.

We install monitoring software that has a well-designed Graphical user interface, these tools are simple to access and operate.Few training classes are provided to clients regarding the usage of network and server monitoring tools. We can even operate and monitor your equipment remotely from our location.