IT Audits

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IT audits

IT AuditsManaging any business is a difficult task and while computers and software are meant to make this easier, it is not always true as without effective planning and maintenance techniques it becomes difficult to cope up with the various technical issues that arise from time to time.

If you are looking to safeguard your assets or plan for organisational goals and objectives to maintain data integrity for your organisation, then Introtech is going to be the best choice for you as we hold expertise in providing various kinds of IT audits based on your needs.

In our IT audits, we dig in deeper to find out whether there are any risks in your current and future projects, with our vast experience in conducting IT audits we assist you in adoption of the right technology.

We research your organisation from the statistics obtained during the IT audits, we identify your skills and innovative abilities, in comparison to your competitors, and guide you in right path to take up various projects.

With our detailed IT audit report, we help you in the usage of various technologies that your organisation needs at present and for future.

We are good at following eight step IT audit principles, we draft timelines for your project, source openness, elaborate description of path you have to follow, financial context, technology research and learning, documenting, literature-inclusion, references to innovations.

We even work on web presence audits and enterprise communications audits; IT audit is a must to keep track of all your hardware and software as well as to gauge performance and areas you can improve.

We can audit and provide reports on all parts of your IT department such as networking, IT equipment and anti-virus.

Most importantly we can audit your security processes and make sure that you can rest easy knowing your confidential and critical data is safe from prying eyes.