Data Storage and Backup

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Data Storage and Backup

Data Storage and BackupIs your storage infrastructure not capable of scaling with your organizational growth? Are you running out of memory or are you afraid of losing data? No matter what the issue is, Introtech has numerous solutions for your problems.

We provide cloud and local data backups to protect your PCs and server’s critical business data which you cannot afford to lose.

We provide various IT services like fixing external or internal Hard disks to your computers, configuring network drives, configuring network attached storage (raid volumes) according to your requirements, we are also experts in configuring latest storage area networks.

In addition, we can even help you to set up various online drives like Google drive, Microsoft one drive, Amazon cloud storage and drop box.

Data Storage and BackupWe are good at foreseeing your business enhancement and suggest a simple, durable and highly scalable mechanism for data storage and backup according to your usage and requirements.

We provide various security services for your backup and data, we can even restrict access to people who are not permitted to use data.

We can integrate various devices and provide access to backed up data from remote locations onto your personal computers, tablets or mobiles, you can even edit from these devices.

Introtech will ensure that your data is stored in a safe accessible location giving you peace of mind that your data is safe.

The most attractive feature is that the Introtech provides required services at very competitive prices.